Corporate Training

Corporate Training Rapid advancement in technologies and changing industry trends are pushing the global workforce to the edge of today’ highly competitive market. As organizations face a growing need for more sophisticated skills, it is now more vital than ever for individuals to up-skill/re-skill themselves to stay ahead of the curve.Bridge Career Services is a learning platform aimed at bridging the gap between one’s expertise and growing industry expectations. The prime objective is to provide IT skills training to individuals, aligning them to the skill sets that are most sought by organizations today, while also preparing them for future industry trends.Build a Highly Productive Workforce through Corporate Training With our Corporate Training program, organizations have an effective means to drive a measurable performance boost in their existing employees as well as build a skilled and future-proof workforce. Our team of expert instructors come with aproven track record in training professionals on niche and trending technologies.The  Advantage Bridge has been a market leader in the employment space for over two decades now. Over these years, we have touched the lives of lakes of individuals and gained a holistic view of what it takes to sustain a successful career in the IT industry.Today, we are a placement powerhouse, with 10,000+ employees specializing in 500+ IT skill sets deployed across our employment network consisting of 250+ top IT companies. Our network also consists of top Career Advisors, state-of-the-art-training centers, top institutions and universities across geographies.