Benefits of CCNA Course

Global Acceptance.

Enhanced Learning Curve. …

Recognition. …

Boost in Career. …

Raise in Salary. …

A Mediating Step. …

Respect amongst the Staff. …


Who can enroll in this course?

IT students

 IT professionals

 Graduate Candidates

 Tech-savvy people

 Non-IT people for a career in IT

 People working in BPOs & KPOs

JOB Opportunities

Network Engineer

Network Administrator

Network Security Associate

Network Analyst

Network Solutions Architect

In this course you will learn:

Learn the basics of networking.

The difference between protocols like IP, TCP, and UDP.

The difference between IPv4 and IPv6.

The difference between routers and switches.

How to configure Cisco Catalyst switches.

How to configure Cisco IOS routers.

How to configure the OSPF routing protocol.

How to protect your routers with access-lists and VPNs.

How network automation impacts traditional network management

And many other topics…